Our Focus

RevolverCap Partners is a private equity firm with a dedicated fund managing a differentiated strategy focused exclusively on the purchase of non-investment grade bank revolvers in the secondary market. Our team leverages relationships we have built over twenty years, to source new investment opportunities within a fragmented market, and to capitalize on the structural inefficiencies and supply and demand imbalances inherent within the asset class.

RevolverCap Partners provides structure and clarity to a complex secondary revolver market, targeting attractive risk-adjusted returns while investing in the most senior part of the capital structure.

Our Approach

RevolverCap Partners primarily concentrates on revolvers issued by borrowers that generate positive free cash flow and have minimal working capital needs. Diversification is a key consideration, as RevolverCap Partners focuses on creating a diversified portfolio on the individual, industry, maturity, credit, and sourcing levels.

RevolverCap Partners’ most valued assets are the relationships and reputations its team members have built in the marketplace. To ensure the preservation and growth of those relationships, RevolverCap Partners has assembled a strong operational framework, ensuring the seamless servicing of its investments.

Our Team

RevolverCap’s senior management has operated as a team for many years, working together to manage substantially similar strategies, prior to spinning out to establish RevolverCap Partners. Each member brings a unique and complementary expertise to the firm, joining to form a cohesive team, with years of experience sourcing, underwriting, and servicing revolver investments.

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